Med-Easy Billing and Practice Management Software

Single Computer Requirements:
Computer running Windows XP or Windows 7 Professional with
minimum memory requirements as specified by Microsoft, laser or
inkjet printer. Windows 7 requires Office 2007/2010 for proper
statement printing. Internet Connection required for sending claims to
the clearinghouse.

Networked Computers  Requirements:
Same as single-computer requirements plus: All computers on the
network must run either Windows XP or Windows 7. Windows XP
Home supports a maximum of 5 computers on the network. Windows
XP Professional / Windows 7 Pro supports a maximum of 10
computers. For more than 10 computers, Windows 2003 server or
Windows 2008 server is needed, with the appropriate number of

All computers must be functioning properly, have a backup device
such as CD-burner, external drive or flash drive, and must be free of
viruses, worms, adware, spyware, malware, or any other software that
interferes with normal computer operation. Antivirus or firewall
software, if installed, must be properly configured to let Med-Easy
access its shared resources, databases, and printers.
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