Med-Easy Billing and Practice Management Software
                    Screen Shots

Med-Easy puts the Patient First:
Most of your work is on individual patient accounts. That's were
Med-Easy starts. On the very first screen, you can select a patient by
name or account number. Then, you can perform all the tasks for this
patient: charges entry, payment entry, review ledger, etc...

From the first screen, you also access the global functions: end-of-day,
end-of-month, claims, statements, reports, scheduling.

Patient Screen:
Patient information is presented logically: demographics, insurances,
miscellaneous. And it is accessible in 1 click of the mouse or 1 key on
the keyboard. Some users work very fast using the keyboard only.

                                                  The other functions are accessed
                                                  through a pop-up menu

Charges Entry is critical to your business:
Med-Easy's charge entry screen is concise and complete. It makes the
input easy and accurate, thus reducing the risk of errors. Each charge
is entered in just 1 line.

Charges are totaled at the top right of the screen as each charge is
entered. This also helps reduce errors.

Payment Entry:
Med-Easy excels here. Entering a payment is a simple as reading the
Explanation of Benefits: locate the amount billed, enter the amount
allowed, enter the amount paid. Med-Easy generates the adjustments
needed, and bills the next responsible party.

Patient Ledger:
The patient ledger is the main tool to review the patient's account.

From the ledger, you can perform all the tasks needed on the account,
such as re-billing insurance, displaying distribution, or editing
payments. And like from the other patient screens, you can access visit
entry, charges entry, and the other patient functions.
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