Med-Easy Billing and Practice Management Software
                   Customer Testimonials

Family Practice Clinic, P.C.
696 Grayson Highway
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30045

July 1, 2008

As you know, our office has had your computer system
software since 1996.

To say you have saved us over $30,000 over the past years in
software alone – is by no means an exaggeration.

Updates are totally transparent to our employees. Once you
train on Med-Easy, you are trained. This saves endless staff
hours and frustration for the employees who are very
comfortable with the existing product.

Your support, personal and company wide is unequalled. I
cannot count the times we have called you, and within 20
minutes of help on the telephone, we were back in business.

There has never been a time that we have waited over 15
minutes for a return telephone call. How many offices can say

Our biggest comfort is … you are local. We do not have to wait
3 hours for the west coast to catch up.

Should you have someone who would like to consider you, it
would be my privilege and honor for them to call me. If they
would like an in-office demonstration, please consider giving
them our name and telephone number. To see it, is to believe it!

Sheila J. Smith, D.O.
Save $30,000